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CFYS Programs and Services

Family Services

Catherine’s Family and Youth Services’ goal is to help alleviate the everyday stressors that low to no income families face on a daily basis. The services focusing on family are tailored to uplift and strengthen the families within our targeted communities. Qualifying families will have access to our food and diaper hub, clothing bank, back to school drive, and annual holiday giveaways. Referrals to resources for counseling and housing will also be provided.

Youth Development and Enrichment Program

All young people should have access to a safe haven and a place other than school or home within their neighborhood that provides enrichment. Youth between the ages of 5-14 that live in the 21215 zip code of Northwest Baltimore will be the target of Catherine’s Family and Youth Services’ youth development program. They will have year round access to programs that will aid in building positive character skills and traits that will assist them with making healthy decisions while also improving their overall self-awareness, well-being and quality of life. Programs will include but are not limited to the following: homework center and tutoring services, after school program, summer camp, support group for LGBTQIA+ youth, counseling services, health education and wellness programs.

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