Shannon S. Morgan, co-founder of Catherine’s Family and Youth Services, was born and raised in Northwest Baltimore City.   She graduated magna cum laude from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health in 2003 and received her Master of Science in Health Science with a concentration in Community Health from Towson University in 2007. 


     Shannon began her professional career working exclusively with non-profits in Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her time was spent providing peer education, street outreach, tutoring, conflict resolution, harm reduction, case management, HIV counseling and care outreach. Her primary focus is her dedication to raising awareness on the importance of safer sex practices to prevent the spread of HIV, Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.  She is experienced in working with and providing health education to individuals residing in underserved communities.


     The philanthropic work of her grandmother both professionally and personally helped to mold Shannon’s passion of helping others and ultimately giving back to a community who her helped shape her into the woman she is today.  Shannon’s belief is that regardless of people’s circumstances they should always know they have options and hope that their situation is not permanent. Shannon is committed to improving the quality of life for youth and families in Baltimore City one person at a time.

Shannon S. Morgan